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"I like the idea of Hypnotherapy and I think it could help but I'm nervous about what will happen to me ...."
Totally understandable.When you do anything for the first time you worry about it but hypnotherapy is about relaxation and enjoyment and its about you. If you have read what's on this site you will know that when you come to the Body and Soul Clinic you enter a very informal, peaceful atmosphere where you will have time to enjoy your treatment and the emphasis is on your feeling at ease.
"I am not comfortable about being out of control when I'm under ?"
You never will be.The biggest myth of hypnotherapy is that when you are "under" you don't know what you are doing.Being hypnotised is not at all like being asleep.You always have an awareness of what is going on around you.It would be more true to say it is like a state of extreme relaxation.It allows your mind to daydream but under direction.
"Give me some examples of what it will feel like ?"

"But I don't remember anything about those trips at all. Will I remember what has happened to me under hypnosis ?"
The absolute best example is your car journey home from work or to the shops. You know the route so well that when you get there, you suddenly realise you have been off in your own thoughts and can't remember the journey at all. Exactly the same brain activity has gone on in that trip as will happen to you under hypnosis.
Some people do and some don't.The important thing to remember is that if anything had happened on that car journey - like you needed to stop suddenly or swerve, you would have been automatically brought back to yourself immediately.Your unconcious mind will always be there protecting you against the unexpected. 
"So if people can't be made to do something they don't want to do, how come I've seen people made to act stupidly on Hypnotism shows. ?"
For the same reason you see people acting stupidly on Jeremy Kyle. The need to be the centre of attention over-rides the unconscious desire not to look foolish in front of others. Think about it, if people really could be hypnotised to do whatever someone else wanted them to, there would be bank managers opening safes, people giving away free money, armies hypnotising enemy soldiers to drop their weapons. The world would already have descended into chaos ! Good stage hypnotists are usually good magicians as well - they can appear to cut someone in half without actually having done it. Fascinating as it is to watch, I'm afraid its just another illusion.
"I'm pretty reassured by this but I still want a chat first before I'm OK to go ahead with it...."
Absolutely fine. Ring, text or email me.I love hynotherapy and I'm happy to spend any amount of time talking about it. Ultimately, if you are not completely reassured by me, the treatment will be less likely to be successful so I need you to be completely comfortable. If you want to bring someone with you to wait whilst you have the treatment, that's fine as well. Don't be nervous, it is a fascinating and very enjoyable experience you will very much enjoy.
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hypnotherapist and psychotherapist