Help !
"I'm worried about telling you these things about me. I've never talked to anyone about them"
Totally understandable.When you do anything for the first time you worry about it and you have kept these fears to yourself for a long time. They are very personal to you and I really understand that. You don't need to worry though. Therapy is built around people not systems. Everything about it is geared towards your issue and making you feel comfortable. You will never feel out of control of your situation because if you don't want to talk about any particular aspect of your life, no one would ever make you. If you have read this site, you will know that when you come to the Body and Soul Clinic you enter a very informal, peaceful atmosphere where the emphasis is on your feeling at ease.
"I'm worried you'll think I'm really stupid"
Everyone in the world has issues including me ! We all have things we'd like to resolve but although we are all individual, it is very unlikely that the problems we have, however strange they seem, will be original. The people you see everyday in the street and your friends and family are all nursing fears they have kept private and fretted over. In coming to the clinic, you are actually admitting your issues to someone else and taking steps to get them sorted. Far from thinking you're stupid because of the nature of your problem, I actually admire your decision to take control and face up to it. I can tell you now you will never regret doing it,

"Are you saying you can sort anything ? My problem is really complex ?"
No, I'm not saying that,of course, but it's certainly worth a try. The majority of issues are much easier than you think and I will be able to help.
"I'm ok with talking to you but what about the hypnotherapy. I'm not interested in that"
That's fine. Sometimes, your issue may be one that can be sorted quickly with hypnotherapy and if I think it can help, I will offer it you. You are under no obligation to have it and it's certainly not normally part of any counselling. I am an integrative therapist so I work according to the needs of the client. I don't force their issues to fit into any particular treatment just because I am trained in it. We work together.
"Do I have to commit to anything if I make contact ?"
Absolutely not if you don't want to. Just mail me or leave a voice message or text and I will get back to you later.I love therapy and I'm happy to spend any amount of time talking about it. All communications are totally confidential. I look forward to hearing from you.
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"I'm thinking about it. It sounds like you could help me and I accept I need it but I 'm still not ready to contact you"
I understand that. Your problem is very personal to you and you want time to get used to the idea of sharing it with someone. By reading this you are recognising that you have an issue and you now know there's someone that is sympathetic to your situation and somewhere you can go privately to get the problem sorted. You've already done half the work and got a lot further than most people.Why not just make contact so we can chat and decide if you want to take it further.