Nick Clark
Ad.Dip CP, D'Hyp,MNCP (accred)
Counselling and Psychotherapy

Where issues are long-standing it may be appropriate for a series of counselling sessions to be offered. 

As an Integrative therapist, I can use a number of  types of different techniques as appropriate to best help the client.

Counselling can help with -

Stress and anxiety which may include reducing and controlling panic attacks and other associated problems.

Bereavement and Loss especially where the natural healing processes of the mind have become 'stuck'. Feelings of loss can occur not only after death of a family member or friend but also at the end of relationships or any change of life.

Phobias can arise not just out of bad experiences in the past and are sometimes quite difficult to track down and get over. 

Relationships  can struggle whether they are marriages or friendships but communication is the best method of helping two people establish their common ground.

Addictions don't have to be to alcohol or cigarettes. Any behaviour practiced to excess can be a sign of unrecognised issues elsewhere. However, these can be located and dealt with, allowing the addiction to be tackled more easily.

Life Coaching
Sometimes changes in life are forced upon us and we need to move on.Life-coaching can help us find a new direction and pursue it.

Help ! This Is Me !

No need to worry ! You are not on your own. Although your issues may seem very personal to you, counsellors and therapists have been dealing with similar problems for many years and most can be overcome in time. Get in contact with me now and have a chat to see what can be done to help your situation.

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