Nick Clark
Welcome to the wonderful and liberating world of hypnotherapy. Have a look at some of the areas I deal with, listed below. If any of them strike a chord with you, feel free to email me, in confidence, for more details. Hynotherapy is a unique and relaxing experience and a pain-free, natural way to achieve your goals and get rid of unwanted phobias and habits.
Losing Weight

If you're having trouble losing that weight and keeping it off and you've tried all the latest tricks with no success, hypnotherapy could help you. It's not another diet, just a better and more natural way to change permanently to a better way of eating.

Stop Smoking

When eveything else has failed, you could stop straight away using hypnotherapy. If you are desperate to quit, a single session could be enough.

Exam and Driving Test/Interview Nerves

If you have the ability to pass that driving test, get through the job interview, do the presentation or take the exam but your day is wrecked by your nerves, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help you relax so you can perform to your best, whatever the occasion.

Improving Sporting Achievement

Remember the best game you played ? Do it again, more regularly.Whatever your sport - Football, Golf, Rugby... I can help. Hypnotherapy helped one of my clients have the confidence to play in goal and win an award from their club IN ONE SEASON. It can help you too...

Stress and Panic

Fed up of letting your health get in the way of what you know you can do ? I can help you beat panic and stress with a different, calmer outlook.

Fears and Phobias

Facing upto your fears is the hardest thing to do but hypnotherapy allows you to keep control of the experience and face upto them in a totally sympathetic environment.

Concentration and Memory

Learn your lines, revise for that exam with much better memory retention. Yes, it is possible with hypnotherapy.

Natural Pain Relief

Long-standing aches and pains can sometimes be alleviated with hypnotherapy.

These and a host of other issues can be dealt with simply, naturally, easily and effectively using hypnotherapy.
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